Less boilerplate code makes it a better option

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Previously, I wrote about Stop Using Redux — Consider Easy Peasy if You Want, and readers liked it a lot. So I thought of introducing an alternative to React forms to my readers as well.

This is not at all a promotion that will help me to earn. Just an alternative to help you in your web development journey.

So, let’s start.

A website always needs a sign-up, follow us, or subscribe us form. It is one of the best ways to make a connection between the website owner and the user.

No doubt we can integrate Google forms into…

These will definitely boost your earnings and productivity.

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Yesterday, I have calculated my previous month's earning and it is $1,497 from one of my main sources of income.

Let me give some more details about it, I have worked with three clients to create websites for them. In simple terms, I have to create websites from scratch for my two clients, and for the other one, I have to redesign the website.

In total, they paid me $1,497.

Simple enough.

For all of this, I have to manage my time crucially and give the output within less time.

One of the main factors that helped me is free…

You will learn about Search Functionality, Multiple Conditions in Ternary Operators and Easy Peasy.

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Well, you may have used the map, filter, slice, ternary operator, and many more JavaScript methods.

But most of you haven’t learned how to get more out of it. In short, in this article, you will learn how to use the above JavaScript methods in a more precise way.

It may be anything like creating functionalities or learning more about it. And then we will learn an alternative to Redux.

Here, I will not talk about the simple methods like,

var num = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];var newarray = num.map((number) => number * 10);
//The output will…

Less boilerplate code makes it a better option

person with an arm upraised in a “stop” motion
person with an arm upraised in a “stop” motion
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I am a developer, not an expert. But when I want to create websites/apps, I go with the easiest option (it should be better or fine enough).

When we have a large-scale application, we all know we have to use some state management containers in React or any other framework.

It is always overwhelming for a developer to learn such concepts. And if you have learned React, most companies will ask you if you know about Redux.

Well, it is not necessary, but companies prefer to use Redux. Even Redux documentation says that not all apps need Redux.

But, Nitin…

Alternative to the fetch method in JavaScript

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Front-end is easy for me. Work on a design in Figma or Adobe and create the same UI using React, Angular, or Vue.

But when I need to get data from an API or the back-end, I have to spend a lot of effort. I haven’t found a great resource that explains to me how to fetch data from an API or the back-end.

Actually, my concept regarding getting data using Axios was not very clear.

It may be my fault but I have to search a lot for using Axios. …

A complete guide to clear your doubts and get you started for the world of Web Development

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So you are finally here, and it may be because

  1. You really don’t know about Web development and want to know about it.
  2. You have a rough idea but now you are addled a little bit.
  3. You like my content and want to read all my stuff (Optional).

If you are one of those, then this post will definitely help you to choose your career.

I have written several stories on Medium to help beginners. But there is also a need to solve beginner’s doubt so I am here with this story.

Here I am going to talk in brief…

Suggested by a web developer with 30+ years of experience.

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We are upgrading our lifestyles, places, homes. Websites are no exception and even they are getting upgraded to the next level. 20 years earlier, there is no craze for React, Angular, or Vue. There were no frameworks for CSS like Bootstrap, Material-UI, Tailwind CSS.

Before, everyone was working without mockups and everything. But now a web developer has to learn a lot, manage a lot, code a lot.

Now the process of building websites never starts with the code. Here is a brief for front-end Web development. Beginners suffer a lot to learn React, Angular, or Vue. They find it…

It helped me learn — and then earn.

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The prospect of earning money, working from home, job compatibility, etc encourages human beings to be a part of the online world.

Due to this, online skills like web development, app development, data science, machine learning, etc are booming. And after working with more than 7 companies, I think that there are plenty of jobs for everyone even if you are a newbie or an expert.

The second consequence of the online industry booming is that anyone (even you) can start your business for free. …

Increase your sales by interacting more with customers.

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Previously, I wrote ‘How To Start Your Business Today And Earn $$’ and then ‘How Businesses Earn Revenue from Selling Code’.

But businesses need more to connect with users to increase sales. And we all know most businesses fail due to insufficient money. So here, I will help you to use Chatbots for free to grow your business.

Note: I am not advertising any product and am not recommend buying anything here. The product that we are going to use here is free so don’t be tensed.

Let’s start.

Every business requires the customer and we can even say that…

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