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Nitin Sharma
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I have been a Web developer for the past 3 years.

And when the first wave of Covid-19 hit, I had enough time to learn, to work, to enjoy, to eat, to sleep.

At that time, I heard a lot about Data Science.

  • Data Science is a high-paying job.
  • Data science is one of the most exciting fields out there today.
  • Data Science is in demand.
  • There will be enough jobs for data science.

And more such cool stuff.

After researching a little bit, I decided to learn Data Science to increase my skills.

I went to Udemy to do…

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Getting into web development is not at all easy.

I have been learning and implementing web development for 3 years, and many times, I think that it is becoming complicated day by day.

In an earlier post, I wrote that in the early days, everyone was working without mockups and didn’t have to do work that was very complicated compared to today.

But, now the process of building websites never starts with the code. Planning, mockups, designs, and then implementation.

Due to this, whenever someone tries to learn web development, they fail to concentrate and leave.

As a developer, I…

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Let’s start with a simple introduction about what you will get by spending your crucial minutes with me.

When I was started my engineering career(yes, I call it a career), I had enough time to explore and even engineering helped me a little bit.

In the first year, I used to watch hundreds of videos a month and read thousands of blog posts about earning money.

And it was of no use.

Later, I have tried to create a YouTube channel and a bit more useless stuff but all goes in vain.

In simple terms, I failed.

Well, you may…

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Cryptocurrency is a bit scary term and most of us even today don’t want to invest in it.

Back in 2012, the price of Bitcoin is low enough that even if you have purchased a single bitcoin, you can be rich. But due to several controversies related to Bitcoin, most of us haven’t invested in it.

Did you have invested in it? Honestly speaking, I was studying in school and was small enough to know about it 🙂

So we haven’t invested in it but suddenly our friends, internet influencers were getting profit out of it. …

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We are humans and we learn by making mistakes. So mistakes actually help us to succeed.

I have to admit that I have made a lot of mistakes in my web development journey and probably you may have too.

So I have written this guide for developers to learn from the mistakes that I have made so you don’t repeat them yourself.

1) Learning everything at a time:

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We all have money and we all want to earn money out of money.

Earlier we tend to store money in bank accounts or FDs. Well, now we all know, it is actually making us poor.

Then the second option is investing in Real Estate.

Hey Nitin, we don’t have that much money. Yes, it is not for most of us.

And if most of us try to save, take a loan, and then try to invest in Real Estate, then we are probably a loser.

For example:

In Australia and India, some of my friends bought some houses. They…

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We are all keen to earn some extra money. Yes, we earn from our full-time job but it is not enough to survive in this inflated world.

There are multiple side hustles be it creating a blog, making youtube videos, writing on different platforms, freelancing, trading in the stock market/ cryptocurrencies, and many more.

You may be an expert in a specific skill or you may become good at it. But you will not succeed if you don’t have the below qualities.

So far, I have read several stories talking all about side hustle but they are not focusing on…

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I am like many of you.

Two years before, I don’t have any idea about how to invest in Bitcoin.

But today, I know the simple strategy to earn money out of Bitcoin without investing my time and effort.

As I have explained in this post about how to invest. Let me clearly explain one more time to follow these simple steps.

  1. Buy Cryptocurrencies
  2. HODL them.

That’s it.

Also, I always win money when Bitcoin fluctuates.

But, how? Don’t be tensed I will be explaining in this post.

Now let’s start with today’s topic, and you will probably think the…

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I think most of us have heard about Bitcoin and later we learned the concept of cryptocurrency.

The first time when I heard the term Bitcoin, I was in my school. Obviously, I don’t have money to invest even I don’t know about the future.

And after that, I learned a lot about Bitcoin. Actually, I was just learning about Bitcoin and haven’t invested a single dollar into it.

Now when I have taken admission in engineering, I have a lot of time to explore and also have a little bit of money to invest.

Fast forward to today, based…

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Software developers and engineers are in great demand: Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Sundar Pichai are some live examples we all know.

But I am not that type of coder. I have to be honest: I don’t want to code every time when I open my laptop. And if most of you are like me, neither do you.

Due to this type of mentality, I am a bit more curious to know about other ways to earn money as a developer.

So here I will be providing some of the cool ways you can earn money without writing code.


Nitin Sharma

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