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Leverage your income 50x times.

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Interested in learning and earning money by starting a blog? Yes, then Blogging is one of the most profitable online businesses out there with very low startup costs. And I will be going to be different here from others and it will be my own perspective to start a blog.

After the outbreak of Covid-19, living in quarantine and doing nothing is just wasting your money, yes, I mean to say that you are wasting your own money. …

It’s not clickbait, writing a draft within 10 minutes is easy enough.

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I know, many of you think what the title is all about. Is it possible to write a draft within 10 minutes? And my answer is definitely we can.

I am writing all of my drafts within 10 minutes and today I will going to tell you the strategy which I am considering to get the most out of it.

It’s a little bit of comfort for me and maybe for you as well after reading it completely.

How I get this idea?

The pandemic has changed everything and I’m honestly trying to find out multiple ways to grow my fame and earning over the internet. …

3 Life-Changing habits you have to accept to be successful.

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Is there any strategy a rich person knows while poor people decline?

No, Absolutely Not.

We all have a brain as well as time. Then what is it that makes a gap between rich and poor? Does anyone know about it?

If you guessed Habits then you are obviously right. If not then don’t worry we are going to learn it here.

Every person wants money it might be for anything. But Only 8% of people actually achieve their goal.

What about others? They fail, seriously.

So to become rich I am going to 3 Life-Changing habits you have to accept to be successful. …

Even a business gets tons of failure without any success.

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Over the past 3 months, I’ve been trying to succeed on medium. Well, today I got succeeded since I want satisfaction from my work and I received it.

It’s not about getting followers, views, earning, it much more about satisfaction.

So without further due, let’s get started.

All we know about the 2008 recession, what about after that, a boom in technology. A real-world example of success after failure.

Why we have to think about that obsolete year when we can debate on the latest trend, yes it’s COVID-19 actually it should be COVID-20 (Ruined our 2020’s life, right).

What will be going to happen now? Development, Development, and just Development. …

A Side Hustle is just an illusion.

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Hey Nitin, what are you talking about, We are tired from 9 to 5-hour jobs.

We like the boom of the “side hustle” and we all want to earn side hustle. Passive income sounds interesting to us much more than active income.

Also, we even don’t know is it our jobs secure enough for the next coming year. And you are saying that we really don’t know about Passive Income.

YES, All of you are right. Don’t get me wrong but passive income is not really a passive income.

According to, Active income refers to income received from performing a service that includes wages, tips, salaries, commissions, and income from businesses in which there is material participation. For example, An accountant who works for a monthly paycheck receives active income. …

Learn to generate more fantastic ideas even though you are out of ideas.

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I’ve had many days in the past where I can’t get enough ideas to write on medium. So I am generating ideas and write on it by some strategies which are discussed in this post. And I think that You Don’t have to Totally Depend on Writing Groups to Promote Your Stories.

Every writer struggle with What to write, Where do you get better ideas? It’s a little bit tough question but I am going to answer it here.

Ideas can be the substantial concept of writing and the whole story depend mainly on ideas. As a writer, you know how to write a story but don’t know what to write and we are discussing completely about it. …

A simple strategy for extraordinary success.

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So you want to build a money-making blog or probably have to start it. It is the best time to create it.

Social media is exploding with lots of content, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and Quora are some of its examples. I know most of you using these social media platforms.

According to Google Trends, Content Marketing is ranking above 90 points. So it will be a great step towards earning money, it might be not full time but you can do a side hustle, definitely, yes.

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We all know about the fluctuation in GDP and you have to be serious about this. …

I would love to read books instead of wasting time on Social Media, Video Games, Movies, and other useless stuff.

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First of all, I am not at all addicted to Video games, Social Media, and it’s surprising but well it’s true. Now the topic shuffled to films and for that, I can even skip my exams studies and well said all of this goes in vain.

Films, Shows, Netflix, Amazon Prime, all the words seem me the same today. They are all wasting my time and my entire life. So I want to skip the unwanted things and want to become more productive and creative. I even heard that spending time on Social Media can be problematic.

In short, I have ruined my 500 hours of my life just doing useless stuff. …

A basic guide for becoming an expert as well as numerous sources to learn.

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What you’re going to learn here? Probably everything that you need to learn to start using Visual Studio Code. Introduction, Downloading, Shortcuts, Videos, Themes, Plugins, etc. Well, here we are going to learn all the ins and out of Visual Studio Code.

Many of you want to save your time so I have written a post that you can refer to get a basic to advanced knowledge of Visual Studio Code. It will definitely save your time and makes you more productive.

Last but not least even if you don’t understand something you can even watch a video present below in this post by Freecodecamp. …

It will lead you to the WRONG path and waste your time and stories.

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We all have been experiencing, being new writers promoting our latest stories to various groups like Facebook, Telegram, Quora, and even more. This happened to me as well when I started to be a writer in medium and started to share my stories on Facebook groups to gain some followers and views.

I found a lot of groups that helped me in the beginning to gain some followers and views but after some time I learned that basically, it is of no use. Not all groups are useless but many of them are of no use.

Why Groups are not better for us?

There are thousands of groups out there to promote your blogs or writing. But it doesn't really work. Every day you will see thousands of posts in the group that probably no one is going to read. …

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