From Novice to Expert: An in-depth guide to succeed

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Coding is a very beneficial skill to have. For coders, the online world is like a money-making machine.

I think that probably the Internet is made for coders by coders to make money. And the advantage of becoming a developer is you don’t need a degree with no age limit requires.

And what else you don’t have to spend your crucial time in offices, meetings, traveling and all that tedious stuff. Yes, it means that you can work from home and get paid.

And you can be getting paid if you are a housewife, teen, black, white, even working employee…

Yes, you can also earn money by selling your code.

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Do you want to earn money as a developer? Obviously, Nitin. We all want to earn money!

Everyone wants to earn money for their living. Everybody wants money and it is our right to get something after doing something.

There are several cool articles to earn genuine money like 5 Ways to Earn Money as a Developer or 5 Simple Side Hustle You Can Start to Create Financial Freedom in 2021.

Even there are great stories to start your business like How To Start Your Business Today And Earn $$.

But I haven’t seen so far a single article explaining…

A story from a self-made web developer who had little interest in coding.

Here is a YouTube video — if you like visual content.

If you are a web developer or want to become a one, you definitely have to subscribe to YouTube channels.

I mean literally, if you haven’t subscribed YouTube channels you are losing the battle.

Yes, there are multiple resources and guides to become a web developer, but you need more in this competitive world.

When I was new to web development, I had seen a Udemy course from my friend's account. But web development is vast topic.

Let me help you by introducing some jargon and concepts from…

Handy JavaScript Array Methods

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In the first part, we have learned Arrays basics from initialization to creation, insertion, and deletion of an array.

We even have practiced the concept of the array in Google Developer Tools. Since we know the importance of practice and its applications in our life.

So be sure to read the first part of the array without jumping directly into the second part. It will help you to learn the concept easily and will boost your success in coding.

So let’s start.

1. sort()

It is one of the most used methods in every field. …

SVG Animations can make a website more creative

SVG Animation
SVG Animation
Source: Canva

You may have seen several websites consisting of the above animation or similar animation. It is simply SVG Animation.

Most websites use SVG animation to make their websites look more interactive.

I have written an article that explains how to create an SVG Animation — Illustration with CSS using Figma. But I think it is not in-depth. It is for a fast learner or has any experience in Web Development.

So here I am writing an in-depth article about SVG and all that cool stuff.

Let’s start.

SVG animation is for Web developers. If you are not a Web Developer…

Learn crucial methods in JavaScript Array

Source: Canva

Here, I will explain everything you want to know about Array.

Just you have to practice it. And you will become an expert for sure.

Let’s talk about JavaScript Application

  1. Become a JavaScript Developer.
  2. Become a Web Developer.
  3. Become an App Developer.
  4. Be an AI Developer.
  5. Earn Money by Selling Code.
  6. Create Wealth Generating Ideas For Web Developers.
  7. There are other ways as well to earn money as a Developer.

And many more.

Introduction to An Array

Now let’s start to understand JavaScript Array.

We know that a single variable can hold a single value (without using an array) like int, float, char, etc.

var name = "Nitin";


Motivation helps to enhance work and lead to better results.

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We all know about Covid since it affected all our lives. And it is not the end we may face many worsened situation in the future as well. Opposite to that, we all want to earn money for our living or want to start a business.

According to Statista, In March 2020, 804,398 businesses were less than 1 year old present only in the US.

Other survey reveals that most businesses fail within one year, employees lose their jobs and all that insane stuff.

And what about us, we learn a skill, for example, Web Development. Create a profile on…

The last one is my favorite

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I think that developers can do anything, yes I mean anything. Developers know skills better than others. And that is the prime reason for the success of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, and many more tech experts.

They all tried to learn several skills and succeeded.

Yes, I know, to learn a skill is difficult. It may be anything like Web Development, App Development, AI, or something else. But more than that, implementing a skill is arduous.

Let’s take an example of a Web Developer. A Web Developer has to learn different concepts. …

This is specifically for everyone since we all deal with money.

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Every Business, StartUps, banks, hospitals, Real Estate, Government, Mutual Funds, etc deal with money.

We all have a rule — go for education, spend our precious years into it, work for a company, save, save, save, retire, and then God will call us.

That is most of our routine.

Think for some seconds. Is it what we want to do in our life? Isn’t it boring?

Keep the above thoughts in your mind.

Now let us talk about which we all deal with, but don’t have enough knowledge about it.

Yes, I am talking about Personal Finance.

We start our…

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Writer at freeCodeCamp and Medium. Web Developer, React Native App Developer, and Machine Learning Enthusiast.

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