Nitin Sharma
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If you follow me on Medium, you may know that I’m in my twenties, generating money, traveling the world, trying out new hustles, and learning from professionals.

I mostly write on technology, finance, and investing. And I enjoy speaking with famous people to hear about their accomplishments. …

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You click on any social networking apps and you are bombarded with content from all around the globe of products ranging from merchandise to Saas applications produced by local stores to multi-national organizations. …

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If you are a student, working employee, housewife, unemployed person, or anyone else looking for a new way to change your career then this guide will help you. Furthermore, it is unrelated to who you were previously, what you have done, or how much money you have.

It is entirely…

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Spending three years of web development have enabled me to examine thousands of online courses.

The majority of them are free and may be found here. My web development post has received a lot of positive feedback, and many readers have requested that I supply Udemy courses.

So there you…

Nitin Sharma

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