Best Use of Money Is To Start a Business Out of It

It might be an unconventional idea but it can be worth it.

Nitin Sharma


Photo by Roman Melnychuk on Unsplash

Here we have articles related to Blockchain, Investing, but we haven’t focused on money so far.

So here is the article for that.

Let’s go with a conventional scenario.

You have to work maybe for a lifetime, or several years. You have to spend your 20’s, 30’s even 40’s to accumulate as much money as possible.

You have to be a minimalist person to attain financial freedom.

And at the age of 60s, you have unlimited money to spend, unlimited time to enjoy but you can’t.

We all want to enjoy our life instead of that we are trying to earn money.

How boring it is.

Now let’s take another scenario.

Suppose at the age of 30, you have earned a million-dollar. You may invest, you may take a risk, you may buy a bitcoin, or you may buy a land.

Every time you do something, you’re taxed, You’re taxed when you save even you’re taxed when you invest.

You will be not sure that you will win but you have to be sure that you have to pay taxes.

It is the truth of life.

So, How to Live Your Life

In my college, there was a senior guy who doesn’t use to attend lectures, doesn’t want good marks.

Also, he left the placement. I was truly shocked by his mistake.

5 months later, I got a call that he wants 8–10 employees for his business. Also, he wants me to work for his company with a good salary.

Since it was a remote job, I have agreed and then I got to know the real truth.

He was actually working hard and instead of investing his money he used to create a new business out of it.

But, how he can manage all of his business?

How to Manage Several Businesses

So I want to know how he manages all his businesses and I got the answer.