I Don’t Give a F*ck to Saving, Working Hard, and Investing, Here’s Why

In my view, this approach is flawed.

Nitin Sharma
6 min readSep 7


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Many of us have been advised to follow a particular financial path.

It means working diligently in our 20s, saving as much money as possible, minimizing expenses, creating an expense budget, investing for 20 to 30 years, and eventually reaping the rewards of compounded returns, potentially becoming millionaires.

What’s appealing about this advice is that it supposedly works regardless of your income level. It’s a set of basic principles touted by various sources like YouTubers, family members, financial advisors, and influencers.

However, I want to challenge this conventional wisdom.

In my view, this approach is flawed, especially if it means sacrificing your enjoyment and quality of life during your 20s, 30s, and 40s just to secure a comfortable retirement in your 50s.

It simply doesn’t add up.

Instead, I propose an alternative approach.

1. The Secret to Success Is to Earn More Money

Money, it’s the cornerstone of our lives, and don’t you ever shy away from thinking about it. In fact, it’s downright savvy to keep it on your mind.

Let me paint you a picture from my own story.

Back in the day, my old man made an honest wage. He’d spend 80% of what he brought in, stashing away a humble 20%. But even after a decade of scrimping and saving, a decent house in the bustling heart of Mumbai remained an elusive dream.

You see, it all boiled down to a simple truth.

His income was like a trickle, and that put a tight leash on his investment game. Diversifying his portfolio? Well, that was nothing more than a lofty aspiration, leaving his earnings far from hitting their full potential.

Now, my tale, it’s a bit different. Thanks to my father’s grit and the quality of education he provided me, I’ve outpaced his earnings by a fair margin.

Living under the same roof keeps my monthly bills lean, hovering between a mere 10% to 20% of my income. That leaves me with a whopping 80%…



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