The Buzz Around ChatGPT Is Gone, and Google Bard Is Raising the Bar With Extensions

Here’s how Google Bard is using extensions to crush ChatGPT.

Nitin Sharma
5 min readSep 25


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Why in the world are you shelling out 20 bucks each month for ChatGPT?

Well, the answer’s as clear as day — it’s loaded with nifty plugins like the Code Interpreter and a bunch of other helpful stuff that just streamlines my whole workflow.

That’s precisely what I used to tell everyone who raised an eyebrow at my monthly $20 ChatGPT investment.

But here’s the twist, Google Bard has thrown its hat in the ring by adding extensions to its chatbot, which means I’ve got to change my tune or wave goodbye to my ChatGPT pro status.

Yeah, you heard it right.

Bard’s got its own set of extensions, and all you need to do is hop over to their official website and give that extensions icon a tap.

You’re in for a treat when you see what they’ve cooked up — five extensions, to be exact: Google Flights, Google Hotels, Google Maps, Google Workspace, and YouTube.

Now, when it comes to Google Workspace, they’ve got three trusty Google apps in their corner: Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs.

These extensions are like charms for anyone who wants to collect data from several Google apps. It’s like having a data goldmine right at your fingers!

No doubt, Google Bard will keep brewing up more of these extensions in the future.

But for now, let’s get back to these extensions.

Getting Started With the Extensions

To get the most out of these handy extensions within your Bard chatbot, the first step is to ensure they’re all up and running. Here’s a quick guide on how to enable them:

  • Head to the top right corner and spot the extension icon. Give it a click.



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