What will be the future of humans

We are eliminating everything, what will be there with us.

Nitin Sharma


Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Are we believe that problems are required so we have to generate more? Are we need technology by losing this beautiful Earth? Ask yourself, humans are inhaling polluted air, eating chemically prepared food, suffering from a disease that lasts until death, drinking water is not safe too. Are humans are on the right track? I don’t know maybe you.

Yes, we are getting bigger every day, generating high revenue, living a happy life with family and friends but I have a doubt. Is the Human race growing or deteriorating? Growing doesn’t mean our population increasing it’s depending on various factors that you can think from yourself.

We, humans, are predicting that our life will be simpler and secure by technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things). Through highly modified weapons we will be secure. Is it so?

I don’t want to spread angst but it is a fact. We all are degrading and it still goes on. Covid-19 maybe not a weapon but what about the future. We want a prosperous life, not an insecure life. We, humans, are only responsible for our lives and we have to take a measured step for our future.

Take some time and think we are born from nature some may call it superpower or even god. And we are not only modifying, just destroying it.

Now, Covid-19 is trending and I think it will still exist in the future maybe with another name but the work will be the same. Maybe some even try it for weapons. Technology is for our help not for our end.

What Humans are Doing?

  1. Destroying nature one way or the other way.
  2. Dreaming about other planets when we can’t handle one.
  3. Butchering animals.
  4. Preparing harmful products that directly affect the environment and then to us.

Now even it up to you what you think about the title What will be the future of humans?

So, please readers it’s my humble request to everybody to just aware of the fact and imagines what our future will be in the future.